how to dress your coffee table

How To Dress Your Coffee Table

Guy Phoenix 3 Apr, 2018

Dressing your coffee table is a perfect opportunity to update your interior without replacing furniture or key parts to your interior. If you want to experiment with new colour schemes or introduce new textures.


Starting with a tray is the essential base when building a cameo. They draw focus and attention to the items on the display, at the same time making the perfect frame to build on. 

candle hurricane lamp


Layers of three are always visually appealing and work well together. Whether you’re displaying art, setting a dinner table or dressing your coffee table, three’s will always work well. We have chosen different heights of the same tone

interior design


If you are wanting to add new tones to your interior, accessories are a perfect way to experiment. If you have a cool grey interior, for example, we would recommend using a warmer wooden tray or a one with an interesting texture. We have chosen a crocodile skin to contrast against the cooler tones in the room. 

Wine glasses on side table


Don’t be afraid to be playful with your accessories. Whether you have quirky accessory you picked up whilst travelling or a little mementos that don’t have a home yet, try adding them to a display of items.

We love this display from – Kimberly has perfected the art of displaying quirky items yet making them work together.

swoon worthy tray

Swoon Worthy Blog


Fresh flowers always bring a breath of fresh air to your interior and are brilliant when wanting to experiment with new colours. For the spring season, freesia’s and lilacs will make a stunning display. The scent is also important, so make sure you visit your local florist to choose the right scent for your home.

Decorative candles and photo frame on side/coffee table

Eichholtz Tray Display

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