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5 Ways To Incorperate ‘Ultra Violet’ Into Your Home.

Guy Phoenix 23 Mar, 2018

Here are 5 easy ways to use the colour ultra violet in you home.

1. Cushions

Cushions can go in many places, so this is a great way to add the colour of the year into your home. You can put them on your bed on the sofa on chairs and they look great anywhere!

2. Furniture

Use furniture to add ultra violet to your home, you can have statement sofas which look great and aren’t too hard to find, in a white kitchen violet chairs look great as a pop of colour, you can even have headboards in ultra violet which can look amazing in your bedroom.

3. Table Decor

You can add purple to your table décor, you could add it in something simple like coasters and napkins which look very pretty, or you can find some plates which have this colour or even glasses with a purple hue. You can also buy purple candles which have a variety of smells and looks to add to your dinner table.

4. Flowers

Flowers are an easy way to get ultra violet into your home, you can buy fake flower arrangements, or you can use real ones like lavender which smells great too or you can use flowers like geraniums or African violets.

5 .Tiles

This is a great way to add this colour to places like your bathroom or even your kitchen you can get all sorts of shapes and styles of tiles, so you can get them to fit your bathrooms design and colour scheme.


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