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Beautiful Contemporary Chinoiserie Homes – Chinese New Year, Year of The Dog

Guy Phoenix 14 Feb, 2018

The Art of Chinoiserie

In celebration of  Chinese New Year 2018 we thought we would take a look at the beautiful collection of chinoiserie designs that will inspire you to implement in within your homes. 

First Of All…. What Is Chinoiserie?

It is the European imitation and interpretation of Chinese and eastern artistry, from literature to architecture to decorative motifs. Entering Europe at the mid to late 17th century, Chinoiserie was celebrated in all areas of the arts. There was a real essence of the Rococo movement with the intricate and extravagant motifs.

We have compiled our favourite looks for interior design.

Inspirational Looks  

One of our favourite artists is De Gournay

de gournay wallpaper

De Gournay Design

With each design being beautifully hand painted, the murals can be a stunning piece of art to display in your home.

De Gourney hand painted

De Gourney Hand Painted


Paul Montgomery, Fine Murals

With beautiful motifs and different tones, we love the idea of using panels to display your Chinoiserie. This way if you wanted to move the designs into a different room, you would be able to do so.

paul montgomery chinoiserie

Paul Montgomery, Hyde Park Design

Whether you’re looking for a bold design or something more subdued, with tones of grey and champagne.

Paul montgomery chinoiserie

Belvedere Design by Paul Montgomery

Fromental Designs

We love the beautiful pink with burnt orange tones cascading across the full length of the wall.

Be bold with your colour choice, if you’re

fromental chinoiserie

Fromental Chinoiserie

Celebrities Chinoiserie Homes – Model Worthy

Chinoiserie has been incredible popular for centuries, and has been in the homes of many kings, queens and celebrities.

One of our favourites is Poppy Delavinge’s London home. With this beautiful backdrop, it would be hard not to enjoy an hour long soak in the tub.

Poppy Delevigne Architectural Digest

Poppy Delevigne Architectural Digest

Chinese New Year – The Year of the dog

As this year is Year of The Dog we thought it only right to find the perfect combination of modern day chinoiserie that celebrates just that. Here is P Kauffman ‘Best In Show’ Paper which has a tongue and cheek feel.

Best in show chinoiserie

Best In Show by Kauffman

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