how to create the perfect date night

How To Create The Perfect Valentine’s Date at Home

Guy Phoenix 9 Feb, 2018

We share our top top tips on how to create the perfect date night at home for Valentines day. These simple ideas are easy to execute and just require a little imagination. Most of our tips evolve around food but just remember the way to a (wo)mans heart is often through food or good wine….

Start your Valentines night with a catch up over canapes

After a day at work, take a few minutes to catch up over canapes and a drink. Plump up your sofa cushions, set up a tray with your favourite tipple, a few canapes or maybe a few of your favourite chocolates.

canape selection

Scatter a few rose petals and you have a romantic start to the evening.

Setting the table

Whether you’re enjoying a lovingly – made home cooked dinner or microwaveable meal for two (we really don’t judge) creating a beautiful backdrop is key. We will share a step by step on how to dress your table:

how to dress your dinner table

How to dress your table

  • Start with the charger and plates, layers of three always looks pleasing to the eye.
  • Add a personalised note hidden within your napkins and cutlery, it’ll be a romantic gesture to surprise your other half. You can add a cute message, something you’re grateful for or something silly to make them laugh.
  • Whether you’re using tea lights, pillars or hurricane vases, add a few more than usual, forget ‘less is more’.
  • Flowers – Who doesn’t love a beautiful display in the centre of the table.
  • Rose petals – very cliche but very effective. Scatter them around your table and see if you like it.

Cake Stand of Treats

Dessert comes in many forms, whether that’s a chocolate brownie or cupcakes with pink frosting. What better than an assortment of treats on a beautiful cake stand?

With all the options of edible glitter and artisan cake toppings, it is so easy to spruce up a simple cupcake!

valentine cupcake

Image from Pinterest

Set a Trail of Candles

Whether it’s a trail to your living room, to a beautifully lit table or up the stairs to your bedroom, leaving a trail of twinkling lights can be extremely romantic.

trail of candles

Image from Pinterest

Movie Night

movie night interior design

You may have heard of the term ‘Netflix and Chill’ referring to a romantic night in front of your favourite movie or an exciting series, cosied up with your loved one.

No one wants an uncomfortable few hours on a rigid sofa or chair, you want to be able to sink in and relax whilst snacking on a bucket of popcorn.

Take a look at our favourite pick, the Bouton Sofa with a velvet plush texture and beautiful champagne colour.

Eichholtz Sofa Bouton

Your Own Home Cinema

You can take it one step further and have your own home cinema build, after all, what says romance more than endless ‘Netflix and chill’ possibilities.

Cinema Room Guy Phoenix Interiors

Image from Hall View

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