new year new home

New Year New Home

Guy Phoenix 5 Jan, 2018

One of the most popular times to put your house on the market and move…

When the decorations come down, houses always look bigger, and a bit bland. And it’s the perfect time to really have a look at where you are and if it still suites your needs. It is very easy to fall out of love with your home, especially if your interior is starting to date. New beginnings such as the new year can make us want to change all sorts of things whether it’s realising you want a new kitchen, to be in a new location or to have a bigger garden.

It is one of the most common times of year to want to make changes to your home or to move home completely. We often see a surge in online searches for homes on the market in January after the last few weeks of spending your days in your own house. It’s easy to pick faults and to find flaws with your house and is only natural to want to see what else is out there, whether it be for inspiration or to potentially up sticks and move.

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The question is to move or not to move?

There are pros and cons to moving, the cons being: it is expensive, it can be a hassle, it can take months if not years to find your dream home and sell yours, and can mean compromising on many aspects such as size and location. There are many benefits if you find the dream house in the dream location for your perfect price – but let’s face it, this is a rare find!

A common alternative is to redesign your interior, focusing on the way you live and building your home around your lifestyle choice. So if you are a family that enjoy spending your time together, you might want to look into creating an open plan kitchen and living space, or if you enjoy quiet reading corners overlooking your garden you might want to reconfigure your room designs.

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Know What You Want…

We believe that whether you are building a new home, extending or refreshing your interior, you should have a clear idea of what you would like to include. Building your home around your lifestyle choices is a certain way to create a home you will love and want to

Here at Guy Phoenix we do more than just build residential homes. As a developer, Guy is really trying to push the boundaries of UK home building. The style and design of these houses would be more familiar is Dubai or Orange County.  In recent years the Guy Phoenix homes have included, swimming pools that have been adjacent to aquariums, to give the illusion you are really swimming with the fish, a hair salon, full cinema rooms, and master suites to rival the most spectacular hotels.

hair salon in homeThinking of building your dream home?

Over the last few months of 2017 we have been pulling together specialist teams all over the UK and we are now able to build homes any where is mainland UK.

We have already begun some exciting projects with some lovely clients, and we will share our progress as the buildings take shape. A great way to follow our projects is via our social media channels. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to keep track. So if you are considering a home build or renovation why not take a look at our portfolio of work at

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