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How To Add a Touch of Sparkle to Your Dining Table This Christmas

Guy Phoenix 15 Dec, 2017

We are sharing the easiest ways to add a touch of sparkle to your dining table this Christmas. The key is to embrace decorations, the more sparkle the better!

Whether you’re style is french chic, modern luxe, minimalist or Scandinavian, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to be bold with your decorations. There is something magical about

Top tips for dressing your table

1. Layer Up

dinner table setting

Much like dressing for winter with different layers of jumpers and scarves, think of your table as the same with table runners, place mats, plates and fabrics.

2. Get Festive With Foliage

how to dress your dining table

Use foliage and natural elements such as fir cones, holly berries and fruit. A useful tip for adding to your foliage is to add fir cones and dried fruit to give your bouquet texture and colour. Whether its a sprig of holly on each place mat, or a full flourish of a centerpiece, lots of leafy greens and earthy tones work beautifully this time of year.

3. Oh Holy Night

christmas candlestick

Add warmth with candles. Low lighting and feasting by candlelight creates a romantic and magical feel.

Add height with tall candle pillars, cake stands on different levels and floral centerpieces. Be expressive and creative as nothing is more fun than reaching to grab the last slice of cheesecake on a tall glass cake stand, or reaching up to light the candles.

4. Personalised Place Settings

christmas dining table

By adding personalised place settings for your guests, it gives such a personal touch. We bought sticks of cinnamon, feathers and bells to add to each setting – they’re such festive pieces that work perfectly to give a magical touch to your spread. We have focused our collections on natural objects to stay in keeping with our Christmas decorations we have chosen for our store.


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