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Christmas With an Interior Designer

Guy Phoenix 20 Nov, 2017

Make The Perfect Welcome 

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Nothing welcomes you home better than a festive front door. If you have your own or if you live in a block of flats, don’t be afraid to get creative. Wreaths are a simple way to make your entrance a little more special, with a wide range of options from baubles to foliage to modern artistic pieces. Our favourite this year is a beautiful wire and bead wreath with fairy lights inside, so even when returning home in the dusk it will give a warm welcoming glow.

Top tip – create a beautiful display with fircones, wellies and a sledge. The little stage needn’t take up much space, and can be made of anything you have lying around from old garlands, old boots filled with holly and scattering a few pine cones around.  

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The Tree

It is arguably the focal point of the house at Christmas, whether you choose living, artificial or sculptural, the Christmas tree is a beautiful way to decorate your home. Our top tips are to choose a size that is in proportion to where it is being placed, i.e if you have a large entrance hallway, be bold with a tall tree or if you are decorating a cosy snug, you don’t want to overpower the room.

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Tips for a stress free tree dressing

  • Start with the lights and turn them on before spending hours painfully unravelling them (safe to say we learnt this whilst decorating our 12ft Christmas tree….)
  • Add flora & fauna, this year we chose silver and gold foliage to make our trees look full and bushy
  • Evenly spread your baubles, it may sound obvious but keep walking around your tree making sure to cover all areas. It is easy to get carried away making the front look stunning but the back is completely naked!
  • Mix colour with texture. This year we have focused on texture and pattern rather than colour as we wanted to show a classic collection that will last year after year.
  • Glam your baubles – don’t be afraid to add unique touches, this year we have added rich velvet ribbons and bells to ours.

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Want to see our tips for a classic collection of baubles and how to make them unique each year? Read our classic Christmas bauble blog post here.


The Dining Table

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The dining table is an important piece of furniture and focal point around this season, with festive feasts with friends or displaying handmade baked goods. With the dining table playing an important role when feasting, it is a great opportunity to decorate it with beautiful settings, plates & glasses. We are hosting our second Christmas event showing you how to dress your table for a festive feast on Wednesday the 22nd and would love for you to come. Much alike our first event, we will be sharing our top tips for a classy Christmas with styling advice from head interior designer Rachael Baum.

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Top tips for dressing your table

  • Layer up! Much like dressing for winter with different layers of jumpers and scarves, think of your table as the same with table runners, placemats, plates and fabrics.
  • Use foliage and natural elements such as fircones, holly and eucalyptus leaves.
  • Add warmth with candles. Low lighting and feasting by candlelight creates a romantic and magical feel.
  • Add height with tall candle pillars, cake stands on different levels and floral centerpieces. Be expressive and creative as nothing is more fun than reaching to grab the last slice of cheesecake on a tall glass cake stand, or reaching up to light the candles.


Mantlepiece & Fireplace

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What could be more festive than a crackling open fire? If you have a log burner, fireplace or mantelpiece, it is a great place to add a touch of decoration. Wreaths and garlands make beautiful displays with pillar candles and hanging stockings. We have picked our favourite looks from Pinterest to show different ways to experimenting with this space. If you have a large living room, be bold with a huge garland of foliage which cascades down each side. Or alternatively if you have a minimal style, why not opt for large letters spelling out ‘NOEL’ with two or three glass candle pillars – very chic! 

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Gift Wrap

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Christmas trees tend to look a little bare without something underneath them, however if (like most of us) you haven’t bought all of your presents by the first week in December, you won’t have anything to wrap. Papers, bows and tags are just as stunning as decorations themselves coming in all different styles from rustic papers and tarnished gold ribbons to minimal brown papers & black bows. Our top tip is to choose gift wrap that compliments your colour scheme in your home and tree and simply wrap boxes. Like the unique touches we added to our baubles, we used the same decorations for our gift wrap by adding velvet ribbon, bells and fir cones to add a special touch.

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