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The Best Time To Sell Your Property Might Surprise You

Guy Phoenix 3 Nov, 2017

It’s too early to discuss Christmas….let’s talk the January Sales.

If you’re planning a property sale in the New Year, act fast or Winter could damage your chance to sell. Autumn may bring beautiful sky’s and warm and cosy colours but leave it too late and winter’s stark contrast will leave you 3 months behind the market. Getting ahead now could see you sell faster in the buoyant Spring market.

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The property market is cyclical and tends to have simple rules, the most common – Blue Skies sell houses. Spring and Summer tends to bring out the buyers and we know that as more people head for sunnier climates during the school holidays the market tends to fall away.

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So what does Christmas mean for property?

As a home owner the general rule of thumb is once the decorations go up, sales go down. And in terms of the actual transactions – that’s true. You’ll be lucky to find anyone will to do much in the way of conveyancing after about the 18th December.

But there is another side to this time of year. It’s the perfect time to prepare your house and photograph for the new year listing. The reason? Just as the legal teams have shut up shop for Christmas and returned home…. So, have the rest of us. However, while we are all at home something amazing happens to demand. Property portals experience a phenomenal spike during the festive season and into January. Rightmove reported the highest ever visitor numbers last year. Collectively the nation spent the equivalent of over 2,000 years browsing Rightmove throughout January and the busiest day was Tuesday 26th with 4.7 million visits to the site.

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You do not want your property details to look festive or seasonal

21 Million visits were recorded in December, and what you need to think about is – how do I capitalise on the surge in activity?  Contrary to what you might expect – waiting until the New Year is actually too late. That said – you do not want your Property details to look festive or seasonal. So my top tips for making the best of the festive flurry:

  1. Style your house ready for sale now. Take advice from an Interior Designer to maximise the selling price.
  2. Instruct your agent In November
  3. Have your photography done in the next 3 weeks because:
    • Bleak grey skies will make the house look dower
    • Christmas decorations in your photo’s will date horribly in January
    • Your garden will still have some life
    • Never take photos in the snow or frost, If you’re still listed in the Spring when the snow has melted, your house listing will look show its age.
  4. Price accurately. With all the portals now, viewers can do almost as much research as agents and surveyors. If you want to take advantage – be realistic.
  5. Get all your details prepared with your agent, and then put it all on hold.
  6. Get the house Christmas ready and relax.
  7. List the house for sale on the 20th December
  8. Allow one off viewings if the buyers position is good i.e) Cash or first-time buyers. Only proceadable viewings
  9. Otherwise viewing by appointment from January 2nd

Be in the perfect position

Your photos will be fresh, and the house will be listed at the perfect time to take advantage of the upsurge, without disrupting your family celebrations. You will secure a buyer well in advance of these who get the New Year itch and list for late January early February, and you will be in the perfect position to take advantage of all the new stock and land on the market ready to build your dream home.


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