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12 Beautiful Pumpkin Designs For Halloween 2017

Guy Phoenix 18 Oct, 2017

With Halloween just around the corner, we are sharing our favourite pumpkin decorations to decorate your home with this autumn. From carved pumpkins to painted pumpkins, we are sharing the most beautiful designs to try this year.

1. Painted Floral Motif

Forget creating a mess this Halloween, and bring out your artistic side with a painted floral motif.

halloween 2017

2.  Spray Painted

If you are excited for Christmas but don’t have an excuse to bring out the gold decorations, why not spray paint your pumpkin this autumn?

beautiful pumpkin

3. Playful Pumpkins

Your pumpkins don’t always need to be traditional. Try something fun and playful this Halloween. No carve pumpkins are fantastic for a mess free decoration.

pumpkin ice cream design

4. Monochrome Pumpkins

Break tradition and go for a monochrome look. Another no carve pumpkin design, simply brought to life with decorative ribbons.

no carve pumpkin

5. Cobweb String Pumpkins

A really simple way to decorate your pumpkin family, all you need is string!

pumpkin design

6. Glitz and Glam Pumpkin

A personal favourite of ours, a glittery and gold pumpkin design!

gold glitter pumpkin

7. Cute Donut Pumpkins

Disguise your pumpkins as a trick or treat donut design!

fun pumpkin design

8. Muted Tones

Keep is tasteful and minimal with these stunning painted pumpkins.

pumpkin design

9. Drip Dry Pumpkin

We love this simple half and half design, minimal, no mess and no fuss!

no carve pumpkin

10. Minimalist Flower Pot Pumpkin

Beautiful, simple and modern. Use your carved pumpkin as a flower pot this Halloween!

diy pumpkin

11. Herringbone Gold Marker Pumpkin

Keep is simple with white paint and a gold marker pen! Simplicity is best with a beautiful zig zag herringbone design.

Gold and white pumpkin

12. Succulent Pumpkin Plant Pot

This succulent plant pot makes the most beautiful centerpiece for any table.

succulent pumpkin

Whether you are carving, paint, drawing or drilling these are out favourite pumpkin designs for Halloween 2017. If you need an excuse to get creative, we hope these ideas have filled you with inspiration. Be sure to tag us in any of your creations on Instagram or Twitter, @GuyPhoenixUK.

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