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Light Up Your Home This Autumn

Guy Phoenix 13 Oct, 2017

The change of season is a perfect excuse to unpack your autumn soft furnishings such as blankets, knitwear and stock up on cinnamon scented candles. Home lighting plays such an important role in your home in the darker and colder months and can be the key to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Here at Guy Phoenix we pride ourselves on being lighting specialists when building our luxury homes. Whether you have integrated lighting or a more traditional collection of lamps and hanging lights, we are sharing our favourite selection for the new season.

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Starting in The Entrance

Entrance hallways are important to invest in good lighting as it is the first impression people will have when walking through your front doors. We love statement chandeliers that reflect and bounce off the walls that instantly brighten your home.

eicholttz chandelier

Our favourite is the Eichholtz Jigger Chandelier available here,


Wall Lamps

If you’re looking at creating a low light, wall lamps are a great option. Not only do they provide a subdued amount of light, it isn’t a direct or overpowering light source. They are also great for adding detail to your walls. Whether it’s contemporary or ornamental, your wall lamps can help address the style of the room in a subtle way.

marino wall lamp eichholtz

Our favourite is the Eichholtz Marino wall chandelier, available online here:


Table Lamps

Brighten up your side tables with a symmetrical display of table lamps. We love the soft glow that is given off from the Modena Glass Table lamp, so if you’re having dinner or watching a movie, these are perfect to give a subtle light.

eichholtz table lamp

Our favourite is the Modena Glass Table Lamp, available here,

The Perfect Center Piece

We love this light from The Libra Company. Available to purchase in our showroom, this proudly sits in our window display. Its bamboo like structure around the glass cage gives this piece a different look and feel.

light up your home


Corner Lamps

We love this time of year as it is perfectly acceptable to spend your evening curled up on a sofa with the corner lamp on overhead reading your favourite novel.

eichholtz guggenheim

Our favourite is the Guggenheim chrome lamp by Eichholtz, available here,

Creating the Perfect Look and Feel

Whether you’re redecorating your entire house or simply changing the selection of lighting within your home, be bold with your statements. Our head of interior design has carefully selected her favourite items that will brighten up any side table or create and impressive centrepiece to your room. We believe that having a well lit interior can transform the feel into a cosy and beautiful space.

For other interior design inspiration, have a look at our previous blog post picking our top home accessories to decorate your home for autumn. Read our blog post. 

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