Kidney shaped sofa, blue clam shell chair and rug with decorative shelving

The Libra Company

Guy Phoenix 24 Aug, 2017


New Autumn Interior Collection with The Libra Company 

New interior collections are always exciting as they hint at the change of season. With summer stretching out the final weeks we are excited to introduce new lines to our showroom to see in Autumn 2017.

If you imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but for interior designers, that will paint the perfect picture of our trip to The Libra Company’s showroom. Two interior designers let loose in a beautiful showroom with the task of choosing the latest collection to showcase, makes a very entertaining afternoon with lots of beautiful products to share with you.

The Libra Company Gatsby Chair autumn

Our favourite picks for this season

Feeling very smug by beating the autumn fair crowd, we have purchased beautiful lines to display in our store and to share across our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Here are a few of our favourite lines to give you a glimpse into the autumn trends we look forward to stocking.

From home accessories…..

The Libra Collection Candles autumn

To home decor…

the libra company autumn collection

To home furnishings!

the libra company autumn collection

An interesting beginning

the libra company autumn collection

These one off pieces are so eclectic filled with history and character making them a fantastic talking point. Whether it’s an accent piece or a centerpiece, these would transform the most minimalist of spaces into a showstopper.


Invest in timeless pieces

The great thing about these designs, is that they are timeless collections. The elegant shapes and prints will sit in your home for the next 20 years without looking dated due to their classic shapes. We provide an excellent interior design service that allows you to explore different styles and avenues with our expertise. No matter what your preference of style, we will be able to find you the perfect items to make your house a loved home. 

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