Ilum candle collection by max benjamin


Guy Phoenix 4 Aug, 2017

Ilum Candles by Max Benjamin

With ‘Hygge’ having taken the UK by storm last year, there is a focus on creating the perfect interior to have as your spot of heaven.

The whole meaning of hygge is to take pleasure in the little things. To find happiness in a moment of peacefulness and to surround yourself with comfort.

It is easier than you think to recreate your very own hygge by focusing on the lighting. 

Where to start?

Ilum candle by Max Benjamin

The Ilum collection from Max Benjamin is our favourite when it comes to stylish candles with beautiful patterned vessels. These beautiful ceramic vases so easy to integrate into your home and blend into any style.

To enjoy these stunning candles all year round they are available in sizes up to 5.15kg which will ensure you to enjoy the special hygge moments every season. Each geometric design is influenced by their Belgian family heritage. Handcrafted in Ireland, where Max Benjamin have been producing since 1994.

To create the perfect home environment simply set the dinner table, light the Ilum candles and enjoy a delicious feast with family or friends.

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