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Making a Design Statement with Lighting

Guy Phoenix 31 Jul, 2017

Lighting is one of the most powerful interior design tools. It can change the mood and atmosphere of both interiors and gardens at the touch of a button. Architectural lighting ensures that you have the ideal lighting in the perfect environment.  It brings out the key features of your house and garden, and makes your space come to life. With LED technology lasting longer than ever before, its even easier to create an ‘always on’ lighting design to elevate your property’s design.

Achieve inspirational lighting effects for a pied a terre, town house, country house or contemporary home using a unique collection of lights and fittings in each room. Lighting can immediately transform a living space often with minimal effort.

Porta Romana are one of only a handful of designer brands that produce striking contemporary lights in the UK.

What should you be looking for when choosing a light fitting?

At Porta Romana, their wirework is 4mm thick and powder coated in their own branded colour, champagne. This extra rigidity helps prevent dinks during a shades lifetime and allows the fitting to travel well. They stitch their side seams, a feature that is now a hallmark of a Porta Romana shade. Their new gathered shades are all hand-sewn in London.

The transparencies of their linings have been created purposefully to give the right glow when lit, every silk, satin or velvet requires a different thickness. Packaging has been redesigned to ensure environmental harmony, and ease of unpacking.

Statement choice | Orbit 1 and 2 ceiling lights by Porta Romana

The Orbit 1 in bright brass with milk glass is a fine choice to make a design statement. Combining the mediums of glass and metal was the basis of the Orbit 1 and 2 Ceiling Light.

Orbit 1 has a liner feel with a long drop, perfect for a stairwell or somewhere where ceiling height is there to be celebrated.

Orbit 2 is a more traditional ceiling light shape. More chaotic in form, this piece has arms capped with glass interspersed with golden rods topped with a precious nugget.

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