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On Trend: Armani Casa Club Bar Cabinet in Ocean Lacquer

Guy Phoenix 26 Jul, 2017

Armani Casa’s unique design aesthetic for it’s Club Bar Cabinet beautifully blends form and function.

With door panels finished in ocean lacquer creating a stylish statement piece. An underlying example of why Armani Casa has such a resounding reputation for capturing contemporary, of the moment design in statement furniture.

With only 50 numbered and signed pieces this limited edition cocktail cabinet is a true statement piece.

This piece draws inspiration from furnishing accessories and travel furniture, accessories and travel furniture marked by X-shaped bases.

The Club Cocktail Cabinet features container doors for the storage of glasses. The interior holds a lower pull out shelf for the preparation of drinks. A fold out top for service and 3 bronze lacquered drawers: one for cocktail utensils, one to store the ice bucket and the last one for bottles.

Designed for the centre of a room, since it can be used from both sides, this Armani Casa design can also be placed against a wall if so desired.

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